Cami... ^^v
Sublime.JongWoon <3


JongWoon <3

Matenme rápido &lt;/3Cuellos en V&#8230; no deberían existir :&#8217;|

Matenme rápido 

Cuellos en V… no deberían existir :’|

Blue World.
Super Junior 

All my feelings ;A;
Just perfect, gorgeous, sublime.

Like this..
My debility

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CNBLUE askljñladljfñkrladf ;^^;

I can’t believe it, a BlueMoon here.. **—** sakllskdjlsakdjlkfasdñlsjfdasf :’|

I want to see all the time at JongHyun and kidnap him
I want to meet JungShin now.
I want to enjoy like YongHwa.
I want to see the majestry of MinHyuk.

He is so proud of himself for having won their hyungs.Maknae&#8217;s victory.This is perfect xdcr:secret

He is so proud of himself for having won their hyungs.
Maknae’s victory.
This is perfect xd



They togheter still are kids (:
So cutes! *^*

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ThisIs perfectJust&#8230; perfect.

Is perfect

Just… perfect.


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KYUHYUN IN A MUSICAL ![,sñ{dl{ñasld



And this musical is different from other music he acted .. "Moon that embraces the sun" I hope .. his agenda doesn’t be too heavy. 

My feelings, I am very happy for him! I never could see he in a musical.. but alkdsjf{{ñasldñff just imagine.. is lS{ÑKDDF his clothes, he smirk lñ{kdfsakjf I can’t explain all my feelings right now ...

;A; <33333333333333333333333